The Prada Purse

By Karine Green The Prada Purse Growing up, I believed there was no difference between discount store items and high-end fashion items. Once I was on my own, it didn’t take long to discover this was not true – in the least. High-end eyeshadow stays on longer than discount eye-shadow. High-end gas burns cleaner and […]

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Clothing bales and hurting more than we help

Originally posted on Messy Jesus Business:
Several years ago, I had an opportunity to tour a recycling center. Much about my visit was interesting, but what I still remember most vividly are the giant clothing bales. Photo Credit: During the tour it was explained to us that not all of the clothing we donate to…

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The Puffy Tail Kitty Hawk

The Puffy Tail Kitty Hawk My hip is hurting today, but to keep with my ‘must do something every day’ policy, I will walk around the block. It’s little bit less than a mile to walk all the way around it. I start off at a slow pace hoping that my hip will ‘loosen up’. […]

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Art Walk in Auburn Hills

This isn’t necessarily a park or nature walk. It’s a cool small town – downtown walk. For those of you familiar with the Detroit Bankruptcy, you may remember reading or hearing reports of the community fears that the creditors involved would seek the forced sale of The Detroit Institute of Art’s (DIA) art collection to […]

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