The Lilac Princess and The Blood King

Princess Agne has enjoyed the spoils of her father’s lavish gifts and unwavering love. When she’s kidnapped by a human boy bent on hurting the Blood King for his maltreatment of the citizens of Shestafa, the truth about her father’s evil doings comes to light. That truth becomes a rallying cry to usurp the throne and restore peace in the land, but accomplishing that will take a valiant effort and a team of loyal allies.

Chactau, one of the King’s most trusted generals, finds himself torn between his duty and his devout patriotism to the nation. Betrothed to the pampered, fire breathing, dragon princess, he wants to prove his loyalty without losing his sense of justice for the land he so loves.

Overthrowing a murdering tyrant will be no easy feat, but the group of unlikely allies must come to a consensus and grapple with their preconceived notions about each other and the vengeful monarch who will stop at nothing to retain the throne.

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