Meet Princess Agne of The Lilac Princess

Meet Princess Agne

by Karine Green | March 9, 2017 | Fantasy/Dragon

Agne is the main character for The Lilac Princess and The Blood King. Her name is Hindi and it means Warm wind- because she is a hybrid dragon who can use the Elemental magic of Fire and Air. She’s a princess who isn’t inline for the throne. She is the youngest of eight, and is somewhat pampered and more than a bit sheltered. She’s an eager learner and can’t to meet the people of Shestafa when she turns fifteen next week.


Scales and strips the color of lilac blossoms, which only add to her delicate public image.

Silvery-Blue Eyes

About the size of a thoroughbred horse. Adult dragons are about the size of an elephant, but lean like a lion


Quick to smile and laugh.

Agne’s Favorites:

Food: Fresh rabbit

Animal: Rouker Rabbits. (large German Shepard size rabbits that live in the deserts of Shestafa.)

Color: Light Purple

Flower: Lilac

Place: In the air- flying- soaring in the clouds with her friends

Person: Her rider

Dragon: Her protector.








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