The Puffy Tail Kitty Hawk

The Puffy Tail Kitty Hawk

My hip is hurting today, but to keep with my ‘must do something every day’ policy, I will walk around the block. It’s little bit less than a mile to walk all the way around it. I start off at a slow pace hoping that my hip will ‘loosen up’. The cortisone shot has long worn off. It lasted three days. The surgeon says the hip is too far gone, and wondered why the other doctor would even attempt it. But hey, for three days I had the hip of five-year-old so I am not complaining – much.

Back in April, my daughter commented that we had a lot of bunnies and squirrels around. It was true. I also noticed that we have more than our fair share. On the way back from the cortisone shot, a squirrel ran across the street. My dad, who was driving, also comments he has seen a lot of ‘small woodland animals’ in my neighborhood.

Suddenly a large pterodactyl-like shadow flies over the road. At first, I am thinking, whoa, that was good medicine to kill the pain of the shot. No sooner had the thought entered and left my mind; a Red Shoulder Hawk swooped down and flew off with the squirrel. (At least it looks like one to me, some people I have showed the photo to say it’s a Redtail Hawk. Please leave a comment if you know which one it is. The photo can be found on my Pinterest page.)

My dad stops, and we stare at the spot where the squirrel had been. “Well, alrighty, then,” and we drive on.

Back to the present: It’s warm and sunny, but cool for this time of the year. As I am walking I notice we seem to be missing some animals. The hawk must be eating well.

“Poor little rabbits and squirrels.” But, the hawk must also eat as my daughter has been quick to point out. I come up the corner, and there the hawk is. I quickly snap a photo of him and try to turn the video on before he dives off the real estate sign to chase a squirrel. I am not fast enough, and neither is he. The squirrel gets away.

I watch him fly off, his wings spread wide as he glides effortlessly on the air currents. He circles for a moment, looking for the squirrel I assume since I am way too big for him to take seriously as prey. He gives new meaning to word ‘air superiority’ as he tilts his wings right or left to maintain his altitude. It’s is almost like watching a ballerina in the air. Graceful and beautiful, but lethal – depending on what species you are.

Funny, in this photo, he looks kind of teeny, puny even. Do not let looks deceive you. This guy is a terror to small animals. He is also the main reason my kitties stay indoors.

My hip dips, and begin showing the pains of what is the circling shadow of hard arthritis day to come. I hobble home, regretting the decision to walk today. It isn’t loosening up at all, it is just hurting more – maybe there is a storm coming?

I sit down at my computer and look up ‘Redtail Hawk’ and ‘Red Shoulder Hawk’. I read up on them and come down to the ‘call’ section. Hmmmm, I wonder what will happen if I press ‘Hawk Call’?

SCREEEEEEEE!!! The sound is loud and clear over my computer’s speakers.

Both of my cats, who had been sleeping on the couch, jumped straight up with their tails poofed! They look around, wide-eyed, sniffing for danger. Once I regain my composure from laughing, I say “Someone has been messing with the kitties, hasn’t he?” My cats didn’t let the fact that they don’t go outside stop them from being prepared for outside threats. I could have, should have, taken a lesson from them, but right now I am still figuratively sleeping on the couch.



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