After 8 long years confined to a wheelchair, my doctor, Dr. Robert Page asked me to finally try to leave it and try to walk for just one short block. He attributed this attempt to the extensive exercise regimen and as he said, my great mental attitude. I took him up on it and walked the required 1 block. 1 block became 2 blocks and 2 blocks became 4. I am now walking my dog Buddy ” The Wonder Boy ” 6 blocks at a time 5 times daily. This process took 4 months to achieve. Last week I walked into Dr. Page’s office and showed him the end result of his suggestion. He was, needless to say, very pleased. He asked if I had taken a cab to get there and I took it upon myself that his office was only 16 blocks from his office so I walked there. He now calls me his “Miracle Patient” and says that I am living proof that mind does conquer over matter. Thanks Dr. Page.

The exercise regimen lasted 7 and 1/2 years. I knew early on that the loss of my mobility was my fault and certainly not an act of God. The cause of my sudden immobility was a debilitating back injury that was brought on by my recklessness. Like all mistakes, I knew that I had to learn from it, correct it, never make the same mistake again and move on. I waited to post this because not even I was sure I could find this much success.

I am writing this because I want fellow wheelchair people to realize that being put into a wheelchair is not always a life sentence. If your legs still have movement, give them the proper exercise to strengthen them. Don’t forget about upper body exercise either since you need a proper balance of strength if you are to succeed. The process is indeed very painful but the end result is well worth it.

My goal by the end of the summer is to walk the links of my local golf course in pursuit of my favorite pastime. Golf. Hopefully I will somehow manage to break 100. Thanks to all my friends, family and medical personnel who got 100% behind me in my goal to succeed. Oh yes, I do feel the pain with every step I take but it feels great. My dog appreciates my new found mobility too! Now that I’m finished this posting, I’m going for a ride on my brand new bicycle.

You can find Daniel here


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