Discipline vs Motivation

Broken Mirrors

“Motivation is temporary. It gets you started, but it fades. Discipline is forever.” -Friend of mine, kind of, it’s really more paraphrased.

Why did I miss today? Distractions. Good distractions. Such great distractions that I’m going to distract you with them.

I wrote my first children’s book. The title is The Rise of Phulthgemogn. I’m searching for an illustrator, and I’m aware it needs some cleaning up. This ended up happening as I played Sims 4 and basically they implied writing children’s books is easy. I disagree with that notion. It’s difficult to find the right words for the age group, make it so there are some words they must reach for, while having enough hints they can comprehend it, and having content which is appropriate. I’ve been questioned on whether or not Phulthgemogn is age appropriate.

I watched two episodes of Psych. Which really means I cleaned…

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