I am going to call this a distraction post. Why would I include such a thing in a blog that specifically promotes #LetNothingStopYou? Well, frankly, it’s a really bad arthritis day. I can’t express how badly I am hurting today, each step is like a knife stab. I have to shift focus elsewhere because with pain like this a storm is probably coming anyway. Therefore, I will concentrate on modified stretches to help maintain as much flexibility as I can.

When you suffer like this you have to be smart and know what type of pain you are experiencing. By now I know if it is a pain I can walk through or pain that I have no choice but to sit through. It would be folly to go to a trail or park today and put myself in a situation where paramedics (AKA expensive emergency room trip) would have to come and dig me out of the bushes; thorny ones, knowing my luck.

As I stand here making my breakfast, I scowl at my “single cup coffee maker.” I don’t like it, not one bit. Something about it makes me not like coffee. Yet every morning here I am using it, despite the fact that I really don’t want it. It was a gift from someone who perhaps wears their heart too far down on their sleeve, therefore, it’s more peaceful to simply use it.

My frown deepens. “No way!” I say pushing it aside and digging out my coffee press. I will not be denied my walk in the park and a cup of coffee that I actually want to drink. One or the other – fine, but not both. It’s going to be ‘a nothing goes right for me’ kind of day.

I pull out the kettle, fill it with water, and set it on the stove, noticing the stark white of it against my black glass top stove. Then I wash out my coffee press. I figure that is the safest thing to do since I can’t remember when I used it last. I admire its whimsical colors and wonder why I allowed it to be put away for so long.

Then I remember a conversation I had with my doctor just prior to my first hip surgery. He asked me, “What if I made a pill that you knew for sure would take away your arthritis pain? Would you buy it?”

“Of course,” I say, wondering where he might be headed with this conversation.

“What if I made one that would make the arthritis hurt? Would you buy it?”

“Of course not. Who in their right mind would buy that?”

He picked up the soda from my tray and set it out of my reach. “Then stop drinking caffeinated soda. It’s a bone killer. It literally sucks the will to live right out of your bones.” He proceeded to tell me that individuals have different sensitivities to it, so I should do my own experiment.

For three weeks I was to have no caffeine or soda at all, nothing. Each day I was to make a special note as to how my bones felt. Then for three weeks I was to drink ‘normal’ amounts and make notes.

For the love of Pete! He was right. I noticed a big difference. It was huge. I did find that I could have up to two cups of coffee before noon- and that would be fine. However, if I exceeded that amount my bones would start hurting. The pain never went away completely but the severity level was definitely affected.

Suddenly my diet soda didn’t taste as good as it once did.

When I reported my results back to the doctor, he smiled. “Patients who actually do the experiment always say the same thing.” He also said that coffee doesn’t seem to be as bad as soda and that if I could knock soda out of my diet altogether my joints would last much longer.

How sensitive to the chemicals in soda are you? Are you up for Doc’s experiment? If you try it, post below and let me know if Doc’s experiment worked for you.

I will have to see you later, my kettle is whistling for me, and it’s time for my daily dose of “poison” as my kids have taken to calling it.


2 thoughts on “THE COFFEE PRESS

  1. Hmm, I have seen the Coca-Cola experiments where is dissolves metal, so I can believe that caffeinated soda would harm the bones. Does coffee do this also, or just the acid/chemicals in a Coca-Cola like drink?

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    1. I have found that I can usually drink one diet daily without any problems, (two max = but not two days in a row). Coffee and Tea don’t seem to bother my arthritis unless I drink 3+ cups of it. NOTE: It was a fair amount of trial and error (The pain diary was key for me to figure it out).


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