Intro For The Lilac Princess & The Blood King

In the far away land of Shestafa, dragons rule the realm. The Air Dragon, Agne lives the charmed life of a pampered princess. Her father, the Blood King is an evil Fire dragon who lays waste to innocent villages. A small band of rebels kidnap the princess and show her the truth. As she comes to terms with her new reality, she realizes the rebels want her to help them with a coup. Unbeknownst to her, another coup is in the works. She has to unite the two sides to save her nation.

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The Prada Purse

By Karine Green The Prada Purse Growing up, I believed there was no difference between discount store items and high-end fashion items. Once I was on my own, it didn’t take long to discover this was not true – in the least. High-end eyeshadow stays on longer than discount eye-shadow. High-end gas burns cleaner and […]

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